This is for Facilitators, Speakers & Trainers

This is for Facilitators, Speakers & Trainers

[BUT your admin support who help you with some of these details could also benefit from this course. Especially the Promo and Prepared modules.]

These fun videos and resources help you consider the learning experience journey, Before, During and After the event.

The close-up WHY for this course:

To help you as the facilitator & leader, create an amazing learning event (or meeting) for your participants and ensure that you also feel great about the experience!

The download of the Infographic and Quick Reference Resource is available in the next section (module).

This is for Facilitators, Speakers & Trainers

Close-Up WHY for this course:

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All right, this is a close up.

The learning experience journey, and the five P's for creating live (virtual) online events, are waypoints that will help you and your audience. As a facilitator, perhaps you have presented some webinars in the past, or maybe a hybrid. But for the most part, you probably facilitated learning and meetings in-person. Now we've entered into a new time and space where most of this work, if not all of this work is happening online. And it probably feels a little bit different to you.

You're used to feeling how your audience's energy level is you're used to seeing how their body languages, how they're reacting to the content. In person you are able to look into their eyes, online, looking into people's eyes means looking into the camera. That's one of the tips that you're going to get in this course.

We are going to dive a little bit deeper into how you feel as a facilitator and how you can change that feeling of connection online. This course may help you get a little bit closer to how you felt in person. Facilitating online means adapting your ways of interacting, and engaging This includes learning how to use the online tools, but also understanding how your audience is maneuvering through this journey of getting online. I know learning all of these tools will help you do a better job at your job.

However, part of doing a better job is that you also feel more connected. It can be disconcerting when you can't see people because you've shared your slides. You may be presenting and going through the information or content, and that is your focus. Maybe you have someone else helping with the chat box messages. You may have felt at times some disconnection when you're trying to reach and engage. I'm going to help you with some ways that you can improve that situation. It may be using maybe tools that you haven't used before.

This five day challenge will give you the start. It will give you sections to think about. I'm providing practical tools and things that you can put into practice, right away. We have other resources as well, in courses that talk about zoom and Canva, and in different resources that will become available as well.

I wanted to give you something that was quick, practical, and that you could put into practice without feeling like you're getting into areas that that you're not ready for. You probably are have navigated pretty well right now online. What I wanted to address in this five day challenge is creating the pathway to set your event up for success.

Part of that success is that you feel you're making an impact and feel connected with your audience. Check out the information. Enroll today, and enjoy Feeling like you are taking stuff. My name is Patricia Regier, from Regier Educational Services. This is leaders inspired to inspire you to help reach and engage your audience to create experiences that you see those light bulb moments for your audience and participants, they are engaged with your content.

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