I am so happy you have invested in yourself and in your future audiences and event/meeting/training participants!

Enjoy the course, and if you have any questions, please contact me: [email protected]

Your quick reference guide resource is in first lesson, please download it, and keep it handy as a reminder. You could even print and laminate it.

What you get:

  • 14 video lessons - don't forget to also watch 'Your Challenge' videos towards the end of each lesson.
  • Total of video watching time is 37-42 minutes, so this learning fits into your busy life!
  • 15 downloadable resources, checklists and tools.
  • Each video also includes the transcript/text, just in case you like to read instead of watch
  • PLUS an audio file (37 minutes) with all the video messages together (towards the end of the course)

This micro-course is packed with value, but you could potentially finish it in 2-3 hours, or spread it out over five weeks, so you can practice what you learn after each lesson.


Each module will includes videos, text, a challenge for you to complete, and a checklist you can download and print. If you want to get a binder, and collect all your resources in one place, that would be great!

This course was created to provide a bit of a road map, with waypoints that your participants take in order to get to your online event/meeting/training and these tips can facilitate engagement and results.

I hope you have some light bulb, 'ah ha' learning moments today!

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